NRL Trade Window: Wade Graham Reveals Players Open to Modified Free Agency Model

The game is clearly financially sound, which is great.

This means that NRL and NRLW products are healthy, attract fans, and keep players and clubs doing their job.

I said all year round The game should match all other major codes around the world and offer players a true revenue sharing model.

Players should receive a significant percentage of the revenue above the NRL’s projections, and that share should not see the current group of players fall behind.

Players are the base of the game’s revenue, so our share should be fair and reflect our contribution.

again, have spoken out publicly and privately to the NRL That the deal is more than money handed over to current players.

Our CBA billing takes a bottom-up approach by securing more contracts, increasing minimum wages for NRLs and NRLWs, and improving benefits and non-monetary terms.

The next CBA needs to show greater respect to the players and our association. It must respect our commercial rights and property and give fair respect to past players and the challenges they face.

Once an agreement is reached, the game moves forward, but neither the rival code nor the biggest threat, the AFL, can extend their lead in rugby league.

We must do everything we can to attract and retain the best NRL and NRLW talent on industry-leading terms.

Salary caps typically get all the headlines during CBA negotiations, but there are many more details and factors that matter to players.

right to contract

Players must have basic agreement rights on our main terms and conditions of employment.

If the NRL wanted to change the rules of the game and go for 8 tackles or 7 point tries, they could go for gold.

Players will have an opinion about it, but we don’t want to control the game because that’s the job of the committee and the NRL.

But what we must have is a clear framework that we can rely on to help us make decisions on issues that directly affect our jobs. If we can reach an agreement, why can’t we reach agreement on future issues during that period?

Equal rights in employment and workplace matters should reflect the strength of your relationship with the NRL.

Trade and Transfer Window

It is well known that players are against changes to the current free agency model.

Are there any options to improve the current system? Probably.

The problem with trade discussions is that it always boils down to player loyalty. Why does introducing restricted trading and transfer windows improve loyalty and evenly distribute talent?

Penrith won two grand finals and had four key players signed with other clubs long before they played in the grand final.

I’d love to see someone question their loyalty and commitment to the Panthers.

It’s everyone’s responsibility to make the current system work. Because I didn’t see anything that would evenly balance the risks of the players or support the clubs trying to rebuild their roster.

Player support and programs

Rugby league began as a working-class game. Taking care of those people was essential.

I think we’ve moved away from the very foundations that we’ve all benefited from.

NRL needs to do what they are good at. But when it comes to past players, the RLPA is perfectly positioned to serve their needs. It’s RLPA bread and butter.

RLPA is led by players for players and the board is highly experienced and highly skilled.

Our association must have the autonomy to allocate a portion of the player’s earnings to those areas that we deem most important.

We must continue to grow as representatives of our players and claim greater responsibility in our industry.

Players wish to establish a Past Players Program and Medical Assistance Fund for male and female players. We would like to expand the Injury Hardship Fund to start taking better care of those who dug the well for our current players.

The RLPA also proposes to further administer athlete health and education programs. It would be wrong to say that the players are the program’s largest investors, but they are controlled by the NRL and the Commission, with little to no financial contribution.

Global best practice is for athletes’ associations to manage athletes’ health programs. Our game lags behind in this area, especially in Australia.

next step

An offer from the NRL has already been rejected because it did not meet player expectations for fairness and respect.

Recently, NRL has promised to meet our expectations. As such, our Board of Directors has decided not to terminate his current CBA that both parties have, giving the industry more certainty after November 1st.

While we will continue to negotiate in good faith, the NRL’s next proposal must meet our expectations, including fair revenue sharing and outperformance, contractual rights, and RLPA autonomy.

Players will not accept any more excuses by the NRL and Commissions to prevent them from agreeing to a historic CBA that the entire game can boast of.

first published as NRL Trade Window: Wade Graham Reveals Players Open to Modified Free Agency Model

NRL Trade Window: Wade Graham Reveals Players Open to Modified Free Agency Model

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