OFS uses data to defeat the manufacturing energy crisis

OFS announced that it is helping National Ceramic Industries Australia (NCIA) overcome the current energy crisis plaguing Australian manufacturers.

NCIA manufactured the first tiles in 2004 in the Hunter Valley of New South Wales.

The company is Australia’s largest producer of ceramic floor and wall tiles and one of the largest single site users of natural gas.

Ahead of the current energy crisis, the company reached out to technology and data partner OFS to see if it could measure energy usage in real time. OFS provides the NCIA with a performance management solution that uses sensors to monitor production performance in real time. Additionally, we’ve added new sensors to accurately track energy usage to production.

According to NCIA plant manager Craig Oliver, the value of this solution has increased dramatically with the recent surge in energy prices. This has affected the sector, with some manufacturers reporting more than his 350% rise in gas prices.

“This data is a lifeline in the context of the devastating energy crisis affecting everyone in Australia, especially manufacturers,” says Oliver.

“Trying to predict penalties and count energy usage manually is very costly. I made it.”

OFS CEO James Magee said:

“The NCIA must serve as industry best practice for minimizing the cost impact of energy in the industry. You can’t manage what you can’t measure.”

“The energy trauma facing the Australian manufacturing sector is immense and it is disheartening to come at a time when there is renewed confidence and hope in the sector. We hope that the current crisis will further encourage us to leverage digital transformation to optimize our operations.These same concepts apply to electricity, gas, water, air and even renewable energy. We can use it, and as long as we can measure it, we can help improve it.”

Inspired by what the NCIA saw, OFS further developed software for manufacturers looking to measure and reduce costs.

“We have always been focused on saving manufacturers time and reducing waste,” says Magee.

“Today, more than ever, this applies to energy as well.”

OFS uses data to defeat the manufacturing energy crisis

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