Oklahoma cyclist found chopped up and dumped in river

A missing persons case that captured America’s attention took a grisly twist after the mutilated bodies of four cyclists were dragged from a river.

On Monday, police confirmed that the bodies recovered from a river in Oklahoma were four people who had been on a missing bicycle.

Ocmulgee Police Chief Joe Prentiss said the bodies recovered from the Deep Fork River were Mark Chastain, 32, his brother Billy Chastain, 30, Mike Sparks, 32, and Alex.・He said it belonged to Stevens (age 29).

He said authorities believed the cyclist was in the process of committing a crime when he went missing on his bicycle from one of the homes last Sunday night.

“I believe the men were planning some kind of criminal activity when they left the West 6th Street residents,” Prentice told reporters.

“That belief is based on information provided by witnesses who report going with men and being invited to give them all a big enough ‘lick’.

Officials say one of the victim’s phones last pinged a salvage yard owned by Joe Kennedy, a person with an interest in the case.

A search of a nearby junkyard found evidence of a “violent incident,” police said, and they were trying to talk to Kennedy.

Kennedy was not considered a suspect, according to Prentiss.

Local, state, and federal investigators believe they pulled the last of the victim’s dismembered bodies from the river Monday morning.

Prentice said the remains had likely been in the water since last Sunday and had no weight. The victim’s bicycle was never recovered, and no weapon was found, police said.

“I spoke with my family,” Prentiss said. “I think they had already decided that this was their loved one, but the additional information about the amputation was clearly a shock and they were very distraught.”

“I have been involved in over 80 murders in my career. I have committed murders involving multiple victims. It’s the highest number of and very violent incidents.

Mark Chastain’s wife told Fox News Digital that she was heartbroken over the situation.

“I don’t know and I’m at a loss. I’m hurt. I’m sad. I have a lot of mixed feelings and thoughts,” Jessica Chastain said.

Ocmulgee has a population of over 11,000 and is located about 30 miles south of Tulsa.

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first published as A chilling twist when the bodies of four cyclists are found mutilated and dumped in a river

Oklahoma cyclist found chopped up and dumped in river

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