Olivia Wilde speaks out amid Jason Sadaiki’s nanny scandal: ‘Hellfire blazing’

Olivia Wilde gave an impassioned speech about misogyny just hours after her and ex-fiancée Jason Sudeikis’ ex-nanny made several slanderous comments about the ex-couple.

“It’s not always easy to keep going, to be honest,” said the 38-year-old actress. ElleA woman’s report at a Hollywood gala, new york post.

“In fact, sometimes I want to excuse myself from the burning hell of misogyny that defines this business and say, ‘Good night, good luck. I want to eat glass for a living,'” she continued. .

Wilde revealed that she is still “fine” and feels “motivated to keep fighting through hellfire.”

she explained.

of don’t worry darling directed by Her fellow honorees, including Anne Hathaway, Michelle Yeoh, Issa Rae, Sidney Sweeney, Sigourney Weaver and Ariana DeVose, will ‘remind the world’ that they’re ‘not so easily manipulated’ There is a need.

The actress said, “No matter how much the patriarchy depends on cutting each other down to undermine our collective power, we must resist the urge to play by their selfish rules.” It won’t work.

of drinking companion Star continued to acknowledge the hate she received on social media since she started Publicly dating Harry Styles January 2021.

“I was an actress who started producing, but I finally got the courage to start directing. Had I known Twitter would be invented, I wouldn’t have started at all,” Wilde joked.

“But here I am. It’s a real thrill to have arguably the best job on the planet.”

Wilde ended her speech by teasing the drama surrounding her don’t worry darling Press tour before the psychological thriller hits theaters in late September.

“Let’s be honest. Until you beg to be put in a medically induced coma until the end of the press tour, you’re not a Hollywood lady. Until then, you’re not in or around the Hollywood area.” I’m just a woman who lives.”

Just before her speech, Wilde and Sudeikis, 47, issued a joint statement For denying the “false and vile accusations” made against them by their former nanny in an explosive interview with of daily mail.

“As parents, the former nanny of our two young children [Otis, 8, and Daisy, 6] They would choose to publicly make such false and vulgar accusations about us,” the exes said. 6 pages on monday.

“Her 18-month long campaign of harassment, not only against us, but also our loved ones, close friends and colleagues, has reached an unfortunate culmination,” the statement continued. We sincerely hope that you choose to continue to focus on nurturing and protecting your children.”

An anonymous ex-nanny discovered Wilde and Styles’ secret meeting via an old Apple Watch and threw herself under Wilde’s car before going to see the 28-year-old singer.

The comedian is said to have fired his nanny in a drunken rage in February 2021.

This article was originally new york post Reproduced with permission.

first published as Olivia Wilde speaks out amid nanny scandal: ‘Burning hellfire’

Olivia Wilde speaks out amid Jason Sadaiki’s nanny scandal: ‘Hellfire blazing’

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