Other States Considering Police Responses to Gender-Based Violence

Australia’s state and territory governments have agreed that action is needed to improve police responses to gender-based violence amid Queensland’s disastrous investigation into the issue.

10-Year Plan to End Violence Against Women and Children, release on monday It will tackle what the federal government has described as an “epidemic” and Queensland called a “crisis”.

Queensland Attorney General and Minister for Domestic Violence and Domestic Violence Prevention Shannon Fentimann, Prime Minister Anastasia Paraszczyk and other Ministers join the 2021 March to Call for Action Against Gender-Based Violence in Sal/Getty

“This plan, Hannah Clarke’s LegacyIt is the legacy of all the survivors of brave victims.

Fentyman mentioned work in progress in her state criminalize coercive rule. Occurs in New South Waleshas raised concerns among some supporters that it relies on a judicial system that can work against those who come forward.

While the new National Plan features only one clear goal of reducing all forms of violence against Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women and girls by 50% by 2031, the document currently identifies a number of priorities. indicates a matter.


One action for state and territory governments is listed as ‘Improvement’.[ing] Police Response to Gender-Based Violence”.

“For example, the police, legal system and judiciary are not specifically designed to deal with violence against women and children,” the National Plan said, adding that geographical, cultural and linguistic barriers have contributed to this. points out that it may exacerbate

“However, in some jurisdictions, it is estimated that more than 60% of police work deals with gender-based violence.”

Other States Considering Police Responses to Gender-Based Violence

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