Paige Spiranac attacks body-shaming troll after first pitch, Instagram, YouTube

Paige Spiranac does not tolerate body shaming.

The 29-year-old golf influencer liked her YouTube channel Recently, after throwing the first pitch at the Yankees-Brewers game in Milwaukee on Sept. 16, he said on social media that he was “extremely ashamed of his body.” new york post report.

“Not only the body [shamed]but like my face and everything, my looks too,” Spiranac said in a YouTube video titled “Body-shaming and Life Online, Am I Deserving It?”

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Spiranak, wearing a tied-up white tank with a Brewers jersey and jeans, threw a pitch at American Family Field to Christian Yelich. numbered 22.

“People in Milwaukee were like, ‘She’s gained weight. Here’s what she looks like without the filter.’ It was insane,” Spiranac said. “People used to say, ‘You don’t look like you.’ But here’s the problem. When I shoot, I obviously choose the best pictures. I have great lighting. Nice pictures.” There are a lot of things you need to do to take a picture.

“So when you’re in a stadium with a lot of overhead lighting and fluorescent overhead lighting, you can’t look your best. It’s humanly impossible.It’s very difficult to do.No one can do it.Even the most beautiful women in the world don’t always look a certain way.”

Spiranac believes the increased attention she’s received is a result of her being named Maxim magazine’s sexiest woman.

“It’s quite a title and I’ve felt a lot of pressure to live up to that title. Presenting as best as we can, doing everything we can to make it look good.

Last month, Spiranac took to Instagram Stories with the following: Many of her male followers share calling her ‘fat’ in the comments on the post We featured her posing on the golf course in a short pink onesie.

“Honestly, the number of men calling me ‘fat’ in this post is next level lol,” Spiranac wrote on her Instagram story at the time. I had to remove it, but I almost didn’t.

“I know my body is a big part of my brand, and with that comes real estate, but it’s hard to consistently maintain an ideal weight year after year.” I have to work, it doesn’t come naturally to me, and when people scream about my body’s insecurities, it can be defeated.

“I’m sure many of you feel the same way about body pressure, so I wanted to share more with you about my fitness plan and what I eat. I was exercising in the past, but now I’m trying to exercise to feel the food. It’s about changing the way you think about working out and making it a more positive experience.”

In January 2021, Spiranac addressed comments about his body on Twitter.

“Too fat, too thin, too shaped, too old, too much makeup, not enough makeup, too big breasts, too small butt, too pale, too blond hair, not enough blond hair, etc. “It’s funny that in a day,” Spiranac tweeted at the time.

This article was originally new york post Reproduced with permission.

first published as Paige Spiranac hits ‘body-shaming’ troll after throwing first pitch

Paige Spiranac attacks body-shaming troll after first pitch, Instagram, YouTube

Source link Paige Spiranac attacks body-shaming troll after first pitch, Instagram, YouTube

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