Piers Morgan’s ‘pathetic’ animal rights stunt pours milk

Outspoken British commentator Piers Morgan has accused animal rights activists after leaked footage of a group pouring milk in a British supermarket.

A shocking video posted on Animal Rebellion’s Twitter account shows two protesters at a Waitrose branch, causing massive chaos, which Morgan labeled “pathetic.”

Another individual standing nearby wore a sign reading “Plant-Based Future” around his neck as onlookers watched in puzzlement.

A statement posted by Animal Rebellion read: “Milk Pour is now taking place across the UK.

“Everyone is concerned that governments are asking us to give them a livable future, the #PlantBasedFuture.

“This is the latest milk pour going on at Edinburgh Waitrose.”

But Morgan didn’t have that.

“You are not a ‘person of interest’. You are a pathetic attention idiot,” he tweeted after seeing the footage.

The protests were part of a coordinated effort today at stores including Waitrose, Whole Foods and Marks & Spencer in London, Manchester, Norwich and Edinburgh.

Footage from each location shows several protesters pouring milk from shelves onto the floor and display shelves.

But Morgan wasn’t the only one who was deeply offended by the stunt.

“I really hope you lose the support you so desperately need today.

“You know you have to buy more milk to make up for this, right?” wrote podcaster Mikhail Peterson, daughter of outspoken clinical psychologist Jordan Peterson.

“Wealthy people expect workers in low-wage shops to be cleaned up after their selfish tantrums,” wrote Ian Austin, British Special Envoy to Israel.

The group said it wanted a plant-based future and emphasized the need to help farmers transition to sustainable plant-based food systems. Sun report.

Last month, members hit headlines for throwing white paint over the Capitol.

Four members of Animal Rebellion who were stuck on the sidewalk were also eliminated.

They sprayed the aisles with gallons of fake milk.

“Liz Truss has to get to work on the dairy,” Wang said.

“Climate change making dairy farming worse is the biggest problem of our time.”

Animal Rebellion said its supporters acted as “an escalation for their plant-based future campaign.”

In the summer they unveiled plans to close dairy farms and factories, leaving Britain with a milk shortage.

They warned that 500 campaigners would block distribution centers and fill supermarket trolleys with milk to discourage customers from buying it.

This marks the second run-in with activists this week after Morgan snapped at them on Wednesday’s episode of Sky News show Piers Morgan Uncensored.

The Sky News host invited Just Stop Oil protester James Skeet after an emergency vehicle was caught in the lockdown.

Climate campaign groups have been demonstrating in London for days, blocking roads to shops and restaurants. With fire engines and ambulances temporarily blocked on Wednesday, the British government said protests of this kind were “unacceptable”.

“At what point do you worry about losing a life because of what you’re doing when you’re stopping a fire truck or an ambulance?” Morgan asked his lawyer.

“Well, the reason we’re doing this is because we’re worried about lives being lost,” Skeet replied.Before the interview quarrels into chaos.

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Piers Morgan’s ‘pathetic’ animal rights stunt pours milk

Source link Piers Morgan’s ‘pathetic’ animal rights stunt pours milk

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