PM Rejects Marginal Area Claims

Anthony Albanese has rejected allegations that the government is leaving regions behind for infrastructure projects ahead of federal budgets.

The prime minister said next week’s budget will include funding for transport projects involving the country’s provinces and provinces.

Coalition members accuse the government of politicizing funding to areas outside major cities.

However, Albanese said work is underway to reform how regional grants and projects will be allocated in the future.

“I have seen some unsubstantiated comments about our infrastructure investments…The government I lead will always provide infrastructure,” he told Forbes reporters on Monday.

“We will continue to work with state, territory and local governments.

“If you want to know where my government approaches subsidies for local infrastructure, it would be through local government.”

The comment came when opposition infrastructure spokeswoman Bridget MacKenzie accused the government of withdrawing regional funds from the budget.

“There is great concern that this government is taking revenge against the region,” she told ABC radio on Monday.

“We have to make sure that the programs and projects that we are doing locally are funded.”

Nationals leader David Littleproud called on the government to consult with lower-level coalition parties to ensure that regions are included.

“Don’t tear your guts out of rural Australia. Sit back and constructively provide a sustainable financing model for infrastructure for the 30% of Australians living outside the capital.” he told Sky News.

“Let’s get our fair share so that we don’t have this constant battle at the political level.”

Chancellor of the Exchequer Katie Gallagher has refuted claims that rural areas have been forgotten.

“Having looked at every department and every line in this first wave of audits, I do not accept the line run by the Nationals that this is somehow targeting them,” she told ABC Radio. Told.

“We’re going to see huge spending in the region – very appropriate, of course.”

The New South Wales government said the federal government had “shortened” the state before the budget.

State Treasurer Matt Keene said the federal Labor Party is playing a better role than other labor states, but a state-level coalition has been overlooked.

Mr Albanese said the NSW budget has a large amount of money set aside for infrastructure projects.

PM Rejects Marginal Area Claims

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