Prince Charles may block Meghan and Harry’s coronation over upcoming memoir

A major storm is brewing in the royal family and King Charles is “ready to ban” his son and daughter-in-law Harry and Meghan, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, from their coronation.

according toDaily Beast The Sovereign is ready to take strong action with the Sussexes and keep them out of the Abbey. Harry’s next memoir Especially aiming for Queen Camilla.

Camilla, a friend of horses and a lover of hunting dogs, beastTom Sykes: “Harry attacking Charles is one thing.

“Most of what Charles has done in the last 20 years has been somehow getting Camilla into the public eye.”

Sykes wrote:

“Palace sources say the guest list issue is in the ‘tbc’ heap, leaving the door clearly open for Harry and Meghan to receive calls or be left out.”

Similarly,mail on sunday ruled out possible warts by claiming “Buckingham Palace is on high alert” about Harry’s autobiography.

Team Charles has good reason to be nervous. When Queen Elizabeth used her accession day to say that it was her “heartfelt wish” for Camilla to be crowned queen one day, Harry conspicuously spoke to her about her stepmother’s elevation plans. kept silence.

According to the book, the first draft of the royal book was “sent back” to him and co-author J.R. I wanted to add ‘more revelations’. Post.

They also report that Harry’s three-book deal is worth $72 million. I want something

What’s fascinating about all of this is the issue of power, as father and son seem locked in some sort of mutually guaranteed subversive pact.

Harry has the potential to derail Charles’ reign by spilling some very unsavory beans about the royal family through his memoir, brother Prince William. All of that and when Harry was forced to go to bed without getting jam lolly poly for pudding.

The current image of Prince Charles has gone from being a grief-stricken son and strikingly imposing new king to being a philanthropist and a pompous, pale-skinned egomaniac who happens to be one. It is in the hands of the Duke of Sussex to turn it into something that reminds the world that it is. , sometimes a crap father.

This is so much damage that I don’t see how the palace can begin to counter it. A stream of overly sympathetic profiles in Sunday’s newspaper supplement ?A new effort to move injured puppies to St. James’s Palace?Prince Andrew, Sarah, the Duchess of York and her Mills & Boone novel Outer Exiled to the Hebrides?

But King has some aces in his crisp, starchy sleeves. Banning Harry and Meghan from the coronation would pale in comparison to the string of humiliations they suffered at the hands of Buckingham Palace during Queen Elizabeth’s funeral. It will be a public condemnation and denial of the couple who have built up.

For Sussex, such a move by Charles would be a very serious blow to their marketability.

Curiously, given that his California grandchildren Archie and Lilibet Mountbatten-Windsor remain mediocre masters and misses on the royal website, the cards the 73-year-old king has to play are This is not all. Under a 1917 letter patent, they are entitled to become princes and princesses, but Palace’s silence on this front seems increasingly ominous.

Again, maybe a bit of a carrot-and-stick approach going on, like the coronation invitation?

As told by royal biographer Katie Nicholl beast“My understanding is that Charles is not averse to giving them titles, but expects respect from Sussex in return.”

All of this feels like a Royal Chicken game trying to escalate spectacularly badly.

Because, let’s just assume Harry’s book is packed with a lot of bad-looking revelations, if not obvious bruises, about Charles and Camilla…

Where are the Sussexes going?

In this scenario, having shown up and been rejected, Harry and Meghan really have nothing left to lose. Now it’s a prospect that really surprises the King, his lieutenants, Camilla and Jack Russell.

The whole mess could be comparable to the royal family in November 1983, when the world teetered on the brink of nuclear Armageddon after the Russians thought NATO was preparing to attack.

Perhaps someone inside Buckingham Palace should get hold of Margaret Thatcher’s diary to find out how she dealt with such a high-risk and dangerous crisis.

Daniela Elser is an author and royal commentator with over 15 years of experience in leading Australian media titles.

first published as Prince Charles may block Meghan and Harry’s coronation over upcoming memoir

Prince Charles may block Meghan and Harry’s coronation over upcoming memoir

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