Pub chain Endeavor is expecting a huge Christmas

Alcohol retailer Endeavor Group said business in the first quarter was well above pre-pandemic levels, with Australians flocking to its pubs and hotels to socialize.

Total sales rose 3.1% to $3 billion on Monday from a year ago when parts of the country were on lockdown, according to the Woolworths spinoff. rice field.

Sales at the Endeavor Group’s 347 licensed facilities were up 90.8% to $538 million, while retail sales, including Dun Murphy’s and BWS, were down 6.2% to $2.49 billion.

Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer Steve Donoghue said:

“We are seeing a recovery across hospitality categories, with bars, food, games and accommodations all performing well.

“Live entertainment is also becoming a feature of our business, with music fans enjoying a variety of sold-out gigs.”

Food sales at Endeavor hotels are the fastest growing category in recent months compared to 2019.

Retail sales are down from last year, but up 13.9% from the same period in 2019, according to the Endeavor Group.

Donoghue said, “Year-on-year growth is expected to increase due to the unique surge in demand created by the COVID-19 restrictions that particularly affected major population centers in New South Wales and Victoria at this time last year. A comparison of shows a predictable decline.

The company is looking forward to a “big Christmas season,” the first unrestricted festive season in three years, he said.

Donoghue said the hotel is already heavily booked for banquets, and its retailers will be well-stocked with a wide range of products at all price points.

At 2:08 pm, Endeavor’s share price rose 1.5% to $6.97.

Pub chain Endeavor is expecting a huge Christmas

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