QUT To Launch Digital Experience Platform Next Year – Strategy – Software

QUT will launch a digital experience platform next year to enable contextual communication for learners as they interact with the university.

This platform is one of two being implemented under a broader program of work called “Digital Connectivity”.

Another platform that falls under digital connectivity is a “digital engagement platform”. It’s a de facto customer relationship management (CRM) system based on Salesforce for Education.

“The two are very complementary initiatives, but we are moving fast on our Digital Engagement Platform, and Digital Experience is all about improving our digital interface with QUT,” said Program Manager at Digital Connection. says James Rail. IT news.

“Our focus is to bring in two enterprise technologies that will impact every aspect of the QUT business in one way or another. This will allow us to leverage the data we know about current or past students in the future to help them You get the experience you want, a better connected online experience when logging in or browsing information, depending on where you are in your journey.”

QUT plans to select a technology partner for its digital experience platform by the end of the year.

Lail said the university is “very focused” on improving “lifelong learning” and building “lifelong relationships” with learners.

The purpose of the Digital Connectivity Program is to establish QUT as a ‘career partner’ for people, helping them meet their evolving needs to learn new skills over the course of their careers.

The program is delivered over three “periods”. It is scheduled to be completed in 2024.

Rail says the Digital Connections program will “impact the entire cohort of current, future and alumni learners.”

Student single view

QUT, below Horizon 1, recently went live with a Salesforce-based “Digital Engagement Platform” to create a single view of each student across QUT.

The Salesforce platform is currently used by QUT’s Professional and Executive Education Group and its Digital Marketing Group.

QUT is now expanding its Digital Engagement Platform to engage prospective students through improved study options and help them create their learning goals and career aspirations.

According to Rail, future digital experience platforms will build on this work and aim to “connect the dots” in the student lifecycle.

“We bring together customer relationship management activities within our digital engagement platform and use that data to make it available. [learners] By delivering a digital experience tailored to where they are, you can present them with the right information in the right context, at the right time.

“If necessary, we connect the dots between their journey and understanding where they are going, so we know whether they are looking for course information or for support services. Yes, students enrolled in QUT are proactively providing information so that students don’t have to get lost in the “busy” of college and can access the information they need as quickly as possible. . “

QUT To Launch Digital Experience Platform Next Year – Strategy – Software

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