RazerCon 2022 • All Announcements

Razer announced a series of new products at RazerCon 2022 yesterday. Headsets, streamer gear and even consoles were highlights of the live stream. RazerCon garnered over 1.5 million concurrent viewers as CEO Min-Liang Tan hosted the show. RazerCon 2022 was powered by green energy, in line with the new ‘green’ values. Here are all the announcements from this year’s carbon neutral RazerCon:

Kitty headset not just for cat fans

The Razer Kitty’s ears have been an icon since its launch around 2018. It’s not just streamers and influencers rocking these ears, it’s not just women either. , giving fans even more choices.

The Razer Kraken Kitty V2 Pro was announced at RazerCon. Like the Kitty Kraken, the V2 Pro is a wired headset, but it’s more than just cat ears. Buyers can now choose from kitty, bear, and bunny ears. The best part is that you don’t have to choose when buying a headset. These new Kitty Kraken come with all three of her ears that can be switched out as needed.

Play as a kitten one day and get in touch with your inner bear the next. The headphones also have nice upgrades such as surround sound.

Other headphones

If you thought Razer was just updating kitten ears, you’d be wrong. Razer is launching several new headphones on the market.These include favorite upgrades laser gear and will be available in Australia next year.

  • Razer Kaira Pro HyperSpeed ​​– $379.95 AUD
  • Razer Kaira HyperSpeed ​​– $249.95 AUD
  • Razer Kaira X – $115.95 AUD
  • Razer Hammerhead HyperSeed – Available on both PlayStation and Xbox for AUD$285.95 each

Razer Edge – The New Handheld Gaming Console

Many brands are trying to break into the handheld gaming market, but Razer seems to be holding its own. Razer’s phone-ready controllers and headphones are great for gaming on the go. Fans can get their hands on his Razer branded console. This is the world’s first dedicated 5G game console with thousands of games. Compatible with Android games, Epic Games, cloud gaming services, and more. He is set to become one of the most diverse gaming devices ever.

The Razer Edge will become the most popular handheld console due to the suite of games available (Image: Courtesy)

With a 6.8-inch AMOLED display, it seems like the perfect size for a traveling gamer. It is said to be lightning fast and features a 144hz refresh rate. I can’t wait to get my hands on this device! The Razer Edge will retail for US$399.99 next year. We don’t know when it will be available outside the US.

Lambo Style – Razer Enki Pro Automobili Lamborghini Edition

Gamers hope Forza ignores this latest announcement from RazerCon.of Razer Enki Chair Featuring beautiful iconic Lamborghini colors. Styled like a sports car, his Razer Enki Pro Lambo edition comes with orange highlights, a cushioned back, a magnetic head on his cushion, and a sleek Lamborghini Shield logo on the back of the chair. A gamer can get this chair from his US$1,299. Pre-orders will open for him in December 2022. We’re sure this chair will sell out quickly, so get yours now. No word on if or when this will be available outside the US.

The fancy Lambo color of the chair (Image: Courtesy)

streamer turns blue

Have you ever used a green screen and tried to wear green clothes? If you have a lot of green, or are a big fan of Razer, you may have noticed that you can’t wear green clothes while using a green screen. Razer has fixed this by giving streamers blue screens. This is a 94 inch adjustable backdrop that can be folded for easy storage. It will be available in Australia next year starting at A$254.95.

more pink

The Razer Quartz Pink line is extremely popular. Loved by gamers of all styles and genders, Razer has announced an expansion of its Quartz lineup. In addition to this, fans will also be able to purchase more products in Mercury editions than just ‘white’. Yes, it sounds a bit complicated with both the White and the Mercury. Fans have always seen the Mercury as “white,” but the Mercury Edition has a more glossy “metallic” finish compared to the pure white of the new White Edition. has become

Gamers can now purchase the Razer Barracuda Wireless, Razer Huntsman keyboards, and other peripherals in Quartz, Mercury, and White colorways. To see all his Quartz products, Razer websiteYou can also find all listings mercury and white Equipment.

Your Favorite Gear Now Available in More Colors (Image: Included)

choose your own color

Razer has lots of cool colors, but what if you want to get artistic and create your own? RazerCon 2022 showed the world, the Razer Axon. Harness the power of Razer Chroma RGB to bring your game room to life. A collection of high quality wallpapers, both animated and static. Artwork is provided by Razer and users can add their own artwork. Using this technology, the Razer Axon syncs lights across all your devices and displays wallpapers that react to those lights and devices in real time. A whole new world to immerse yourself in the game. The Razer Axon is available in Beta. Downloaded from Razer’s website free.

Razer Wearables

Continuing the Razer x Panerai collaboration, RazerCon has announced the new Luminor Quaranta Razer Special Edition. This gorgeous limited edition watch is inspired by sustainability. Only 500 of him are available for purchase in the Panerai boutique and online.

Luminor Quaranta Razer Special Edition (Image: Courtesy)

That’s all for RazerCon 2022. We hope to do a more in-depth review of some of the above products soon. What do you want to see most? please let me know. I will do my best.

If you missed the event, you can rewatch it below.

RazerCon 2022 • All Announcements

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