Real Madrid’s Benzema and Valverde ready Barcelona for a deserved win | La Liga

just when Barcelona Thinking he had a few lives left in this game, Rodrigo slipped in his knife. Losing 2–1 and heading into the final minute in pursuit of the long-unbelievable equalizer, Xavi’s Hernández-led side were caught again, and as they had been throughout the afternoon, they were on their own. contributed to the demise of Karim Benzema and Fede Valverde’s first-half goals thus seemed to end early, giving Madrid the win.

His shot at Rodrigo had to be corrected by VAR, but referee Sánchez Martínez pointed out where the Brazilian took the shot. Classico at the end.ended with real madrid Victory, it wasn’t a real surprise. What surprised me was that it reached the questionable point. The final minutes here saw a mutiny from a Barcelona team that at least seemed defeated for a long time. .

Madrid never seemed to rush, but they had an early lead. Toni Kroos stepped out of the depths. It wasn’t exactly sprinting, but it was fast enough. The Barcelona captain chased from behind, unable to get ahead, clung to Kroos and dragged him, trying to pull him to the ground before releasing Vinicius Junior. Vinicius was free and Sergihe jumped into a huge space behind Roberto. Marc-André ter Stegen came out quickly, spread his body to save, and the ball passed cleanly where it free-ran. His four defenders for Barcelona have arrived. Karim Benzema beat them all.

It looked easy, but it wasn’t the last. At that stage, Barcelona were unable to win the ball as often as they would have liked – a plan to draw and pass them as often as Madrid hoped to win the ball.

When they started, it didn’t seem to pose much of a threat either, one long move of 20 minutes provided a portrait. Barcelona were in possession and moving the ball, but they were a bit timid and had no real intentions. Madrid stopped and waited. They walked evenly. Barcelona advanced to the point, then turned and came back again. Madrid was staring at them.

Well, it would seem so. As Pedri found Rafinha on the right flank, Robert Lewandowski slid into the far post and put the ball over the bar from the yard. Shortly afterwards, a quick pass from Paul separated Roberto. But most of the time the ball was moved slowly and didn’t really end. Pedri turned around and saw that no one was moving. A teammate ran into the space that was supposed to be occupied and it was just empty. There was no intelligence, no incision, no vision. just vulnerability.

Ferran Torres celebrates after scoring against Barcelona, ​​but Real Madrid win 3-1 Photo: Bernat Almangue/AP

Madrid wanted it if Barcelona were closer to their goal. Then came the second. It started with Benzema’s skilful footwork, clipping his ball forward. Garcia leapt to clear, but perhaps that was the intention, but he only let it loop towards the goal. Vinicius ran into space behind him, as planned, and the rest ran to join him. He rolled it under the studs and gave it to Aurelian Chuameni, who spread it to Ferland Mendy. Mendy pulled it back to Fede Valverde, who was on the edge of the area, but no one stood in his way.

From there, he treated this shot like a penalty, taking his time picking corners and sidefoots to go low below Ter Stegen.

Almost immediately after kick-off, Frenkie de Jong kept running and was denied by Andriy Lunin. Madrid, on the other hand, got comfortable realizing he didn’t need much more than that. But when Benzema thought he scored his three, Linesman he could have done without the flag being raised. Again, it was very simple. As Vinicius diagonaled into space, the Frenchman was free to go inside and turn into a corner.

If Madrid had a flaw, it was probably that they didn’t ask for more from their rivals, which could take more damage than their equals. Still, they had fun mePerhaps it hurt Barcelona more because they played the ball on time.Kroos was in control early on. Luka Modric glided and outperformed his peers. As the game progressed, the team thought they had already won this and had the strongest desire to end it now without doing any damage.

And maybe that was the risk. In Barcelona, ​​Ousmane Dembele continued to run, mostly in trouble. And when Lewandowski tried to reach in front of goal, what he got was an ironic oh from the Bernabéu when Lunin made an easy catch. Shortly after he threw a free-kick, which he could have made this game with 20 minutes remaining, he hit his shot straight into the wall. Later, when Dani Carvajal lashed him inside the area, he thought he should have taken a penalty, but the referee said no.

Chuameni stepped in to stop the pole and Ansu Fati hit it wide. His introduction, like Gavi and Torres, generated at least some reaction, a rebellion. Especially Gavi. His challenge – and he seemed the only one to make it – put Fati on the left, passing Valverde and shoving him into the box. His pass fended off Lewandowski, but Torres was there for a little-anticipated finish, but in the end there was a winner that everyone had.

Real Madrid’s Benzema and Valverde ready Barcelona for a deserved win | La Liga

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