Scott Morrison hailed as ‘the true definition of a leader’ in new role


Former Prime Minister Scott Morrison is touted as “the true definition of a leader” as he seeks to build a sideline as a globe-trotting speaker.

The Worldwide Speakers Group has announced that Morrison, Australia’s 30th Prime Minister, will “exclusively” represent the group in its international speaking engagements.

The elected prime minister has been hailed as a “virtuous globalization mastermind” and “the true definition of a leader with a 360-degree view of the world.”

He was praised for his “aggressive work towards net-zero global emissions”.

“During his tenure, Morrison faced several challenges that required unique and innovative solutions,” a biography on the WWSG website states.

“From managing the security of the Australian public during a pandemic, to mitigating economic crises, controlling natural disasters, to leading the country when others are at war, Prime Minister Morrison has demonstrated his unique cool decisiveness and rationality. has led Australia in

“A mastermind of globalization, Morrison offers boundless influence and experience to audiences around the world.”

Morrison, who remains a member of Sydney’s Cook after losing the federal election in May, joins the “roster of global thought leaders” in the speaker group.

A press release quoted Morrison as expressing excitement.

“After extensive research and due diligence, I am thrilled to join the Worldwide Speakers Group, which will help foster greater relationships within the private sector,” Morrison said.

“WWSG’s roster of distinguished thought leaders, truly global client base and personal interests make our relationship already special. Bob Thomas, Dan Sims and the entire WWSG team. I am proud to be part of the next chapter with

WWSG Principal Dan Sims said:

Known for providing prudent geopolitical leadership and actively working towards a net-zero global emission economy, Prime Minister Morrison’s experience and insights are important to business leaders on six continents.

In addition, Prime Minister Morrison is a man of strong convictions and actively seeks opportunities to serve the international community.

The Worldwide Speakers Group is honored to represent Prime Minister Morrison’s speaking campaign. We look forward to making Prime Morrison available to customers around the world. “

Social media reacted in disbelief to WWSP’s Twitter post.

“@WWSGconnect finally figuring out how to trend. As a comedy,” Amanda Scott tweeted.

“Morrison’s self-made biography on site. Clearly no due diligence.”

Morrison is joined by former Vice President Mike Pence, General John Kerry (Secretary of Homeland Security and Chief of Staff), Dr. Mark Esper (Secretary of Defense), Dr. Sanjay Gupta (CNN Chief Medical Correspondent), Dr. Scott Gottlieb (FDA Commissioner), Annie Leibovitz (iconic photographer).

Scott Morrison hailed as ‘the true definition of a leader’ in new role

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