Silver Spring Pathfinder Creates Opportunity with Avaya

Silver Spring Pathfinder (SSP) has made significant progress in its mission to create meaningful and rewarding jobs for disadvantaged Singaporeans using Avaya (NYSE: AVYA) technology.

The Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) partner of choice for public and private sector organizations, SSP works closely with the community of social service agencies to employ people with disabilities as customer service agents.

With Avaya OneCloud CCaaS, SSPs can easily customize the solution’s interface to meet their employees’ unique needs, ensuring a seamless and positive agent experience for their employees. As a result, these agents can deliver a superior customer experience, whether at the SSP’s office or at home.

“Due to our nature as a social enterprise, we are more aligned than anyone else when it comes to paying attention to the needs of our employees. We need to meet the demand, and Avaya OneCloud CCaaS helps us address both of these points,” said Tom Cheong, Founder and Managing Director of Silver Spring Pathfinder.

“With Avaya, we have an enterprise-grade solution that powers our interaction network and delivers the highest quality control and CSA performance. We can develop customized interfaces for agents with special needs to help them do their jobs effectively.”

This solution is already helping SSPs deliver meaningful results for their clients. For example, an SSP was awarded a contract by a longtime client to manage print and digital media subscription sales for key customers in the education and residential segments. Using Avaya OneCloud CCaaS and various integration technologies, SSP agents were able to recompile databases from various sources, manage recurring telemarketing campaigns, and handle renewal inquiries on behalf of their clients. rice field.

“This is a great example of how Avaya OneCloud CCaaS can be used to integrate many functions through a single interaction platform, which makes it easier for our clients to realize their priorities. Not only is it a great strength for our employees,” says Cheong.

“We hold SSPs in high esteem and are extremely proud that our technology is being used to advance the company’s mission. The customized approach to your unique needs is inspiring not only from a technical standpoint, but from a humanitarian standpoint as well, and we look forward to supporting SSPs for years to come.” said Nidal Abou-Ltaif, President of Avaya International.

“SSP’s founding mission is to use technology as an enabler to create meaningful jobs for Singapore’s underprivileged population. With the deployment of Avaya OneCloud CCaaS, SSP is fulfilling that mission. We are proud to support SSP in helping people with significant work experience.” with Avaya Unicorn Cloud Services.

Silver Spring Pathfinder Creates Opportunity with Avaya

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