Sydney Roosters teammates rally behind Brandon Smith amid breach notice for missing team review

Luke Keary acknowledges that Brandon Smith fell short of the Sydney Roosters’ standards when he missed a team meeting during the club’s bye week. Smith received a breach notice for skipping a team review after the Roosters’ loss to North Queensland.

Despite Smith’s insistence that it was a miscommunication, questions linger about his future at the NRL club. Reports suggest that this incident is not the first issue to surround Smith since his arrival from Melbourne at the end of 2022.

While Smith returned to Roosters training on Monday, his inclusion in the upcoming match against Parramatta remains uncertain. Keary emphasized the importance of adhering to the club’s standards, which have been established by senior players.

Acknowledging the possibility of miscommunication, Keary emphasized the need for accountability, stating that such incidents are dealt with internally.

Smith is under contract with the Roosters until the end of next year. Despite the breach notice, his teammates, including Victor Radley, believe that this incident could serve as a turning point for him. Radley expressed confidence that Smith has learned from the experience and is committed to performing well for the remainder of the season.

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