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We are in the midst of a truly meaningful, introspective and emotional time – ten days of awe rapidly coming to an end. On Yom Kippur, the holiest day of the year, we will have the opportunity to live in all that the Day of Atonement encompasses.

As part of the Happy New Year and Yom Kippur liturgy, read Unetane Tokef, a moving poem containing poignant questions such as ‘Who will live and who will die?’

At this time, there is so much that needs to be analyzed on both micro and macro levels – for each unique soul, and for the entire Jewish people, the Krall Israel.

Looking back at what happened this year for our Ukrainian brothers and sisters, we can’t help but sigh and exhale. There have been brutal emergencies and crises that have not been witnessed since World War II. Yes, the world was initially inspired by dramatic images of desperate hordes of refugees taking refuge, mostly in neighboring countries, but within Jewish communities across Ukraine, about 100,000 of the Jewish population 3/4 left.

Join the Joint Distribution Committee (JDC) to which Joint Australia is intrinsically linked, both in vision and action. With so many Jews in a real danger zone underway, a mission to mobilize humanitarian aid and supplies was immediately launched. To this day, the situation remains dire.

As the majority of elderly Jewish residents remained (over 90%), their vulnerabilities had to be addressed. On the ground, most Jews are cautiously staying at home rather than in bunkers. It is true that so many things are needed. Basic living costs, from medicines to food to energy, have risen dramatically, and inflation has skyrocketed. And now winter is getting closer and closer.

There is high uncertainty and no clear understanding of when or if another escalation or wave of violence will occur. Meanwhile, targeted destruction continues. Many people who used to manage their daily lives now find themselves with an enviable label. The reality is that jobs will be lost in all sectors and survival will be difficult.

Jewish Ukrainians rely heavily on external help and assistance. The aid provided by the Joint is actually relieved by the many weary inhabitants of this decimated land imbued with much Jewish history.

People of all ages and stages face challenges. This military escalation prevented Jewish children from receiving her face-to-face schooling for the third year in a row. This crisis was put on the back of a pandemic. On the positive side, through the Joint, online opportunities are emerging, including informal Jewish education. It is heartwarming that so many Jews have chosen to accept this assistance. For example, a network of Jewish teenagers with an ever-expanding range of social activities and seminars.

Kesher, or securing connections, is extremely important as it provides engagement, belonging, and support for members of our tribe who are going through a very difficult endeavour. is rolling out technology initiatives throughout the year, aimed at introducing innovative ways for older people to communicate, and also connecting young people. There are also one-off emergency assistance available with funds to equip families with laptops. .

Brett Kay, National Director of Joint Australia, explains: More than 70 years later, many are displaced and disadvantaged again. It’s sobering to hear that so many have lost everything…and it pries open deep wounds. Joint is proud to help in countless ways today, tomorrow and beyond. ”

Looking ahead, there are no simple solutions, but it is clear that philanthropy will play an important role in 2023. We have to share their stories. Don’t fall into false equanimity as you are no longer listed on the front page of the Global Masthead every hour.

We know that throughout history, the Jewish community has gone through dark and difficult times. But faith, determination, and hard work have made Am Israel, a Jew, so successful.

This Rosh Hashanah, among other ways of support from the Joint, thousands of Ukrainian Jews received special holiday food packages sent, distributed and funded by the Joint . Everyone at all ages and stages has the right to live in safety, to practice their religion as they see fit, and to unite in peace.

It’s hard to understand given all that the brave people of Ukraine have gone through in the past year. Today the streets are violent and the humanitarian crisis reverberates deep. From Yom Kippur to the next Yom Kippur there is so much uncertainty, confusion and movement.

In Unetaneh Tokef we believe that by teshuvah, tefillah and tzedakah – righteous acts such as repentance, prayer and giving charity – all members of our global Jewish family consciously and actively renounce evil. You are guided to reverse orders and help those in need at the same time. hope in their hearts.

This powerful poem is very useful for contextualization. Yes, it’s a time of reflection, but it’s also a time of action. We are here to help and pray that all are safely sealed in the Book of Life!

Ramona Freedman is a freelance writer and supporter of Joint Australia. To donate:

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The situation in Ukraine remains dire – Australian Jewish News

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