The Surprising Ingredient Transforming Budget-Friendly Meals: ‘So Good, Quick, and Easy’

If you’re looking for quick, easy, and budget-friendly meal ideas to break the monotony of your usual dishes, the $10 Meals Australia Budget Cooking Community on Facebook is a treasure trove. A recent post about mi goreng noodles has sparked a flurry of creative and tasty suggestions, demonstrating that delicious meals don’t have to be expensive.

One group member initiated the discussion with a simple query: “Does anyone have any recipes they make with these mi goreng 2-minute noodles?” She thought the noodles would make a great base for ramen, and the community quickly responded with a flood of ideas. At just $3.95 for a pack of five, it’s a cost-effective ingredient you can’t afford to miss!

Tasty Twists on a Classic

“My daughter makes it as is, then adds diced cucumber, spring onion, and a fried egg. Her afternoon staple,” one member shared.

Another suggested, “I also add shredded carrot and sliced up marinated chicken breast with dried fried onions/shallots or chilli oil on top too! This one is yummy!” These simple additions turn the noodles into a quick and nutritious meal, perfect for busy days.

A popular suggestion was to elevate the noodles with kransky and vegetables. “I add cheese kransky, mushrooms, onions, and a fried egg. Omg so yum,” raved one enthusiastic cook.

Hearty and Creative Ideas

For a heartier option, another member suggested, “Add some sliced steak to it. We make this as a meal and it’s so good.” This meaty addition transforms the noodles into a satisfying and filling dish.

A particularly creative chef shared their recipe for spicy creamy bacon noodles, which was a hit with the community: “I make spicy creamy bacon noodles with them—bacon, spring onions, garlic, add cooked noodles, some cream, and parmesan. It’s really good, like a cheat’s carbonara!” This rich and indulgent take on mi goreng was popular with those craving a bit of comfort food.

Another fantastic idea was to make a veggie and dumpling soup. “Make them up, add in some steamed veggies, a fried egg, and put in some BBQ pork dumplings. Kids love it!” Many agreed with this twist, using the noodles to make a hearty dumpling soup for their families.

Other suggestions included adding shredded roast chicken with stir-fry veggies or Woolworths slow-cooked pork in char siu sauce or pork belly. One member even suggested using sizzle steak. For a creative twist, some cooks recommended making spring rolls or rice paper rolls with the noodles as filling or mixing them into an omelette.

One member shared their gourmet take: “I cook these and have roast duck on top,” adding a touch of luxury to the humble noodles.

“Any protein goes with it well,” another summed up, “just experiment with it, most of the time it works extremely well!”

Noodle Muffins and More

One of the most popular suggestions was turning mi goreng noodles into muffins. An excited group member wrote, “I made mi goreng noodle muffins and they are awesome!”

This simple recipe combines the noodles with eggs, cheese, and optional ingredients like ham or bacon, along with various veggies and herbs.

“Perfect lunch box fillers!” one member noted, while another added, “So good, quick and easy!”

“Noodle muffins are amazing!”

As one group member summed up, “So many different things to do!” With over three hundred comments on the post, it’s clear that mi goreng noodles are a versatile base for countless cheap and cheerful meals.

Whether you’re adding fresh veggies, experimenting with meats, or turning them into creative dishes like noodle muffins or soup, there’s no shortage of ways to enjoy mi goreng noodles.

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