Toondah’s draft environmental statement fell short of its main objectives

the public is invite to comment Draft Environmental Impact Statement for 7,200 Towns on Protected Wetlands in Toonda Harbor Located in Moreton Bay, Queensland.Below is Steve BishopSubmission of.

Draft Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) requirements for the project to build a town of approximately 7,200 inhabitants on protected Queensland wetlands fell short of its primary objective.

Walker Corporation wants to build 3,600 homes in the Port of Toonda, near Cleveland, but its recently released draft environmental impact statement, which it took nearly four years to prepare, fails to provide the necessary requirements. Net income for the Ramsar Wetlands. Unable to provide specific information Measurable results of the offset strategy; do not include the “”Finished offset guide”.

Federal Guidelines for Editing Statements stipulate it has to “Demonstrate how net profit is achieved” For internationally recognized Moreton Bay wetlands and other areas of national environmental importance.

A word search of the draft EIS on page 953 did not find any mention of providing a “net profit” in these designated areas.

The guidelines for creating an EIS use the term “net benefit”. 7 times In the context of providing benefits in addition to the current situation in relation to issues of national environmental importance (MNES), etc. improvement existing MNES habitats, creating new MNES habitats, mitigating threats to MNES habitats, and avoiding loss of threatened MNES habitats.

However, the EIS draft omits any reference to “net income” overall profitthe Shorter Oxford Dictionary defines “whole” as follows: “Including everything between the extreme points.”

By that definition, there could be wide spread benefits, but not necessarily beyond the current situation.

According to the guidelines, profit is offset strategy and that result The offset strategy should be specific, measurable, achievable, based on solid baseline data, and should demonstrate with a high degree of certainty that the predicted results will be achieved..

However, the EIS draft contains the following imprecise and indeterminate phrases:

…some action most likely to result With significant ecological benefits…

…offset funds It can be used To help the council…

Be expected The offset project will be offered within the LGA of Redland City as well as the wider Moreton Bay area, delivering benefits on a local and regional scale.

Conservation results for shorebirds I was able to achieve Through indirect countervailing measures…

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Such inaccuracies are inconsistent with federal requirements. guidelines Information provided in the draft EIS:

“…under Part 9 of the EPBC Act must be sufficient to enable the Minister to make an informed decision as to whether to approve.” [Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act]…”

of government guidelines EIS claims:

“An offset strategy should include a ‘complete offset guide’. “

both executive summary or Chapter 29,Detail is “Environmental Offset Strategy”contains a reference to an “offset guide”.

The Executive Summary of the EIS Draft references: monitoring measures Make sure mitigation is in place, but not until then Chapter 29 The statement acknowledges that it has been difficult to provide concrete and measurable commitments.

For some items, such as environmental management and monitoring programs, unexplainable In this preliminary design stage, in detail…

As a result of these difficulties, the proponents propose to provide A series of direct and indirect offsets by funds managed by third parties that have the ability to access public lands and obtain approvals not available to commercial entities such as proponents.

Government denies Walker's claims that it supports wetland destruction

As a result of the project, the EIS direct loss Marine and wetland habitat including 3.4 ha of mangroves, 37 ha of seagrass, and 8.8 ha of sand and tidal flats.

5 species of migratory birds “The project is likely to have a significant impact.” finished “28.9 hectares of feeding ground lost…”.

However, citing the $4.75 million in funding needed to offset the damage caused by the project, EIS said endangered shorebirds are also likely to be affected. I’m here. “Significant residual impacts on 28.9 ha of foraging habitat…”.

EIS believes that the project will have significant residual impacts on the endangered flounder, the endangered Onott, the endangered sandpiper, and the vulnerable vertail godwit. I’m assuming it’s likely.

but in 12 minutes video About the Eastern Curlew, produced by the ornithologist Walker Corporation, says:

“We do not anticipate that the population will be impacted by the loss of feeding grounds at Tunda Harbor due to the project…”

EIS is now available on Walker Corporation’s Toondah website. The website downplays the scale of the proposed urban development within the bay, with a population roughly the size of an American town. Atherton and Innisfail, As “Coastal Village”.

but neither Atherton (population: 7,201) and Innisfail (Population: 7,179) is described as a substantial town.

A company spokesperson did not respond to two emails.

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Toondah’s draft environmental statement fell short of its main objectives

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