Traitor: Get to Know Kacindi of Quick Thinking

If you’ve jumped into the Among Us craze a few years ago, you need to tune in to Channel 10’s latest reality series. traitor.

In the competition, a group of 24 players, known as the Faithfuls, live together in a hotel and enter the challenge in hopes of winning $250,000.

They also need to figure out who is really among them traitor hidden.

If the traitors make it through without being discovered, they will take the full amount home, so much is in store. However, if followers expose traitors and manage to get rid of them before the final vote, they have the option to take all the winnings or share it with them. remain loyal.

Cassindi, 20, is a law student from Queensland and a quick thinker.

She’s used to being misunderstood, but she says she prefers to read the room before speaking. at the convention.

“The biggest misconception about me is that I am rude. I think it is because I have a calm face. I don’t know, but he’s actually a very loving and funny person.”

Coming from a large family, Cassindi jokes that she lives with a traitor every day and thinks it helps her while she’s on the show.

“Every day I try to figure out who broke the plate, who did this, who did that. I want to be four rugby players, one singer and one pop star. I live in a house called, so I have to be competitive.I always want to win, it’s win or win.

She plans to keep her private life private when she enters the hotel and knows the importance of not revealing too much.

She wants to get rich of $250,000.

“Loyalty is everything in my life, but not in games. In games, I owe no one. Nobody helped me get into this game.”

Will she succeed?Check with traitorairs only on 10 and 10 Play on Demand at 7:30 p.m.

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Traitor: Get to Know Kacindi of Quick Thinking

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