US influencer’s ‘inappropriate’ bikini behavior outrages at family pool

An influencer has drawn widespread criticism after being filmed posing for a series of bikini snaps in “inappropriate” locations.

An unidentified woman in a tiny string bikini dances for the camera next to a spa full of children in a clip shared by popular Instagram account Influencers in the Wild. I can.

At one stage she crouches down and does the popular “sl*t drop” dance move to wiggle her loot.

She’s accompanied by another woman in an equally tiny orange string bikini, both posing next to a railing towards the end of the clip.

The clip was captioned “Save our children” and quickly gained online attention from shocked social media users.

Few were impressed by their antics, labeling them as ‘inappropriate’ or ‘vulgar’.

“Working on their OF [OnlyFans] The content of the children’s pool … classy,” wrote one.

“I’m sorry, but this is very inappropriate,” added another.

“We live in such wasteful, vulgar, and truly strange times,” a third person wrote.

Others claimed that the act was “tasteless” and that the behavior in front of children was “disturbing”.

“I am really disturbed [by] this. There is a time and place for things, and this act should not have happened if there were children around,” one person wrote.

“Wow. Dancing like a stripper in front of kids is rude. Let’s make them kids. Let the adults take care of the adults,” said another.

“They are classless already, but they are as low as possible by the kiddie pool.

The clip comes after the video of Woman in G-string swimsuit splits social media at family water park.

In a video shared on TikTok, an unidentified woman can be seen wearing a flesh-colored bathing suit.

The swimmer’s back consists of a G-string bottom and small slivers of fabric that create a zigzag feature on her shoulders.

The text in the clip asks, “Is this suitable for a family-friendly water park?”

TikTok users ask viewers for their opinions on the topic, but make their opinions clear in video captions.

“Thoughts! I don’t think that’s appropriate – she has kids around her – but she looks great,” she wrote, adding the hashtag “#thongbikini.”

The comment section was divided, with the majority arguing that the problem was society, not her Koshy.

“Honestly, the body isn’t inherently sexual. It depends on how you look at it,” said one person.

Some said, “I wouldn’t have noticed if it hadn’t been pointed out.”

One parent said: They are just having fun in the water. ”

“Lol, it’s 2022,” someone else said.

US influencer’s ‘inappropriate’ bikini behavior outrages at family pool

Source link US influencer’s ‘inappropriate’ bikini behavior outrages at family pool

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