US midterm elections test Republican support in Ukraine

US military aid in Ukraine is becoming an increasingly partisan issue, with the Trump-supporting Republican minority questioning future aid.

Protesters marching outside the White House (Image: AAP/Jim Lo Scalzo)

Politics may have stopped at the water’s edge, or stopped when Senator Arthur Vandenberg, chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, first spoke out in 1947. But with partisan politics increasingly woven into U.S. foreign policy in recent years, next month’s midterm elections will see how the elections will affect U.S. support for Ukraine as the war with Russia plunges into winter. It raises concerns about whether

Republicans are widely predicted To regain control of the House, and the Senate’s future remains up in the air. While there has been strong bipartisan support for Kyiv since the beginning of the war among mainstream Republicans, members of former U.S. President Donald Trump’s sympathizers, influential Fox News commentators and right-wing echo chamber members have Others are beginning to question its extent. Military aid provided by Washington.

The decision to arm Ukraine further deepens the rift within the Republican Party between hawkish conservatives willing to intervene from abroad and a chorus of isolationists who gained prominence during the Trump administration. It reflects that there is

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US midterm elections test Republican support in Ukraine

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