Vets warn pet owners to treat dogs for dangerous paralytic ticks this summer

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Summer is just around the corner. This means an increase in the dangerous mahi ticks that lurk in the bushlands along Australia’s east coast. The tiny parasite breeds in dense vegetation and primarily affects dogs, burrowing into the skin and feeding on the blood of pets to inject neurotoxins.

This chemical binds to the point where nerves meet muscles, causing ascending paralysis.It usually begins in the hind limbs and rises toward the respiratory system, causing the animal to stop breathing and if left untreated. can lead to death. But veterinarians say that one simple thing, in addition to looking for ticks daily, can prevent ticks altogether.

preventive medicine

Sydney-based veterinarian Sharmila Kumaran says treating ticks in the form of chewing or topical ‘spot-on’ treatments has never been more important.

“Preventive medicine is everything,” she says. “The more regularly a dog owner uses tick preventatives, as per the dosing instructions, the better the results.”

Dr. Kumaran explains that tick paralysis usually presents with loss of coordination in the hind limbs, loss of appetite, and rapid breathing. Symptoms become more severe. It is treatable if detected early, but the best strategy is aggressive preventive treatment.

“For tick bites, pets can be admitted to a veterinary hospital and given intravenous tick antiserum,” says Dr. Kumaran. “Depending on the severity of the case, it could take a day or two, or even a week, and it can be very expensive. Costs range from $800 to $2000. Treat all other symptoms similarly.”

Tick ​​life cycle

A female tick can lay up to 3000 eggs at a time. After hatching after an incubation period of 40 to 60 days, the larvae immediately begin searching for a blood-feeding host. This can last up to 6 days before shedding and growing into a nymph. This cycle repeats until maturity, but mature females will need another feed before they can lay eggs. The whole process takes about a year.

Not all tick species cause paralysis. But experts say it’s not worth the risk.

Victoria Ellis, veterinarian at South Side Vet, Cronulla, also in Sydney, said, “Tick paralysis happens more often than you think. It’s so sad because it’s preventable.” When it comes to the system, you’re going to be on a ventilator just like humans are, and it’s going to be expensive, it’s a really hard decision, you have to pay the rent, you have to feed the kids, you have to deal with it. ?”

It is very fast-acting in brachycephalic breeds (referring to dogs with flatter faces such as pugs, boxers, bulldogs, mastiffs, and Boston terriers), which have become particularly popular in recent years.

Never miss

Dr. Ellis previously worked at a 24-hour veterinary emergency hospital where paralyzed tick bites were fairly common, even multiple cases in one night. She says people often forget.

“Bravecto has chews that kill tick paralysis, brown dog ticks, and fleas. You can give it with meals,” she says. “There’s the spot treatment for the back of the neck, there’s the treatment for cat ticks and flea paralysis. It’s simple, but people lead busy lives. I told a client the other day that one thing I would do is: To keep you up to date with tick prevention, this is something you can’t miss.”

Ticks are attracted to the carbon dioxide exhaled by dogs, so they usually bite on the face, neck, and chest. If your dog shows signs of being bitten by a tick, you should take him to the clinic immediately, says Dr. Ellis.

A veterinarian will first ask if your dog is on tick prevention before conducting a thorough tick survey. Prior to feeding, ticks are very small and difficult to spot, so they are often shaved so as not to miss anything.

Summer is busy season

The warm season is generally the busiest time for veterinary hospitals. Also be aware of issues such as allergies to flowering plants and grasses, ear infections (especially lop-eared breeds), heat stroke, snake bites, and separation anxiety if you often go out without ears. It is also important to dog.

Making sure your pet’s tick prevention is up to date is one simple step. This means you and your pet can enjoy the summer sunshine without worrying about the nasty spooky crawl rain on the parade.

Paralysis ticks are found mainly on the east coast of Australia. Always use a preventative treatment such as Bravecto during tick season. learn more.

Vets warn pet owners to treat dogs for dangerous paralytic ticks this summer

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