Victorians warned of ‘blue sky’ floods as rivers continue to rise

Victorians have been warned to prevent “blue sky” floods as the state welcomes clear clouds and little to no rain after last week’s deluge.
With minimal rainfall and clear skies over the past few days, officials fear residents across the state may become complacent and underestimate the danger of the ongoing flood threat. I’m here.

Tim Wiebush, Chief Operating Officer of the Victorian Emergency Service, said the rise in flood levels at this time of year was caused by flooding of the rivers, so people in Victoria were issued despite clear skies. It states that caution should continue to be heeded.

“Over the next few weeks, the on-and-off scenario will have periods of very heavy rainfall, which means rivers will experience moderate to severe flooding levels,” Weebush said. said. on monday.

“Then we will see blue skies, but the river will continue to rise and affect communities.”
The SES has warned Victorians of more flooding in the coming days, and says rains followed by blue skies can be expected for at least the next month.

“Towards the end of the week the state will have blue skies and possibly rain again on Thursday, but over the next six to eight weeks we will see the potential for these rainfall events. It will go between blue skies and I will come,” he said.

A CFA crew works to make sandbags on the Campaspe Esplanade in the town of Echuca, Victoria. sauce: AAP / Brendan McCarthy

“An emergency warning has been issued to urge people to move to higher ground as heavy flooding is expected to peak Wednesday and Thursday.”

Anthony Albanese visits flood-hit Victoria
The focus remained in northern Victoria, where thousands of residents were told it was too late to evacuate due to rising water levels.
The Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) is forecasting major flooding for Shepperton, Charlton, Murchison, Barham, Wimmera River, Avoca River, Loddon River, Campaspe River, Goulburn River, Seven Creek, Castle Creek, Broken River and Murray River. I’m here.

Major flooding is also predicted in Echuca/Moama, and several other small to moderate flood warnings have been issued around the state.

Prime Minister Anthony Albanese toured flood-hit areas of Victoria, including the capital Melbourne, on Sunday. Three southeastern states continued to grapple with the flood crisis after days of heavy rain.
“Australians are united and help each other, and we are seeing the best Australians in the worst of times.

Albanese said “very severe weather events” were hitting cities and communities, with 60 Australian Defense Force personnel helping to evacuate and carry sandbags.

He announced emergency payments of $1,000 to Victorians who were seriously injured or whose homes were badly damaged or destroyed.
Parts of New South Wales and northern Tasmania have also been warned to remain vigilant in the coming weeks.

With severe flooding occurring in northern Tasmania, the BOM has issued major flood warnings for the Meander and Macquarie rivers and minor flood warnings for the North Esk and Mersey rivers.

Victorians warned of ‘blue sky’ floods as rivers continue to rise

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